29 Kasım 2023, Çarşamba

Turkish Red Crescent, to hold a tender to have its materials in depots insured

Turk KızılayıInsurance of the materials in the depots of Turkish Red Crescent will be made by tender bu public advertisement and offers collected under sealed tender.

According to the tender advertisement of Turkish Red Crescent General Directorate in Official Gazette, companies will be providing at least 3 percent of their offer price as temporary indemnity at the time of presenting their offer. Tender specifications can be obtained from the center of the general directorate in Ankara or the directorate in İstanbul for 100 lira. Additionally administrative and technical specifications can be obtained from the web address, www.kizilay.org.tr/ihale ilanları. The deadline for the offers to be submitted to administrative documents section of the directorate is s 10:00 o’clock on March 7, 2014. ‘Offer and Letter of Indemnity’ case will be opened at the conference hall of the directorate on the same day. It was also announced that delays in delivery of the posts and applications by telegram, e-mail of fax will not be recognized. haberler.com


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