15 Temmuz 2024, Pazartesi

Groupama became the first company to get its renewable energy certificate

ramazandulgerGroupama became the first company to receive its “Renewable Energy Resource Warranty” in Turkey choosing environment-friendly energy. Groupama Türkiye is supplying the renewable energy for its electric consumption from Demirören-Axpo. Under its agreement with Demirören-Axpo, Groupama started to own the  “Renewable Energy Resource Warranty” (Guarantee of Origin or GoO) certificate which is appropriate to European Energy standards in transfer of energy from the production site to consumption site.

Regarding the issue, Groupama General Manager Ramazan Ülger said: “We are very happy to be the first company to own ‘Renewable Energy Resource Warranty’ (GoO) certificate. We believe that energy supply from renewable energy resources will be promoting environmentalist production in this area and we will be an example for other companies in this regard.”


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