20 Haziran 2024, Perşembe

Private Pension System is invincible, we look confidently to the coming years

meteugurluMete Uğurlu, Chairman of Life and Pension of Insurance Association of Turkey and General Manager of Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik, said, “The insurance sector passed 2013 efficiently and parallel to its goals through the state contribution.

Uğurlu said, “Private Pension System (BES) is completely reliable, transparent and very flexible. And BES is invincible in return through state contribution.There will be 400 thousand participants in 2020

Uğurlu said, “The participants gain more on condition that they are in. In 2013, 1 billion 250 million TL will be transferred to the participants and 7.7 billion TL is reserved for the following periods. 3 thousand TL from 12 thousand investments, it is absolutely worthy. Since the 13th of December, the number of the participants of BES reached to 7 thousand 382 and it is expected that this number will reach to 400 thousand in 2020.”

Private Pension System became more comprehensible every passing day

Uğurlu, as mentioning that the insurance companies are working hard to increase the reliability and awareness to BES, said, “The practices of marketing have helped a lot to the popularity of BES and this effort must continue in the following years. We are expecting millions of participants to BES and there is still a huge potential of growth.” Yakup SAYAR / DÜNYA


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