17 Haziran 2024, Pazartesi

Sigortam.net is the first company worldwide that provides the insurance quotes on Facebook

Serdar_DincaslanSigortam.net, as offering insurance quotes on Facebook, serves to the internet users who likes Sigortam.net Facebook page www.facebook.com/Sigortamnet. All the internet users who likes sigortam.net Facebook page can compare the best quotes at the traffic and automobile insurance.

The application is available for all the internet users who like ‘Sigortam.net’ Facebook page. It is very easy for the users as clicking the options of the best automobile quote or traffic insurance quote. When they want to buy one of the options, it is necessary to follow the instructions in the Facebook site and the users will not be directed to any other site till the moment they purchase a product.” It takes only 3 minutes

Serdar Dinçaslan, CEO of Sigortam.net talked about their application, “Sigortam.net is a company aims to be the first in its sector. As a company launches the first practice of quote comparison on phones and online, Sigortam.net, this time, offers the chance to compare the traffic and automobile quotes and purchase them on Facebook. Besides, it is only possible in 3 minutes time and our service continues 7/24 during and after the sales process.”


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