13 Haziran 2024, Perşembe

Kokkalas: Our priority is focus to sales and agencies in 2014

kokkalasTurkey CEO of Ergo Sigorta Theo Kokkalas briefed 328 agencies about 2013 outcome assessment and 2014 forecast of Ergo. Stating that they established a sound basis in 2013 Kokkalas said “We will guarantee success and our goal is increase in size profitably.”

Turkey Ceo of Ergo Sigorta Theo Kokkalas has sent a letter to 328 agencies about 2013 outcome assessment and 2014 forecast of Ergo. Kokkalas stated in his letter that the year of 2013 was a hectic year for Ergo and it was closed within company’s plans. Pointed that they rearranged their region system and organizations in the first half of 2013 Kokkalas said “ We have gathered all the functions except sales in the centers with this rearrangement and we put our position in the region more plain and effective. Henceforth we have ensured that agencies are the unique focal point of our regions.”

Furthermore Kokkalas explained that they focused on improving their profitability with advanced pricing methods. Adding his speech Kokkalas stated that they have created new health and motor insurance, moreover they have revised their pension and life strategy. Mentioning that increasing of sales offices in region Kokkalas said “We will open new sales offices as needed.”


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