20 Mayıs 2024, Pazartesi

Aviva plc gave placed to a Turk in its new social media advertising

aviva turkAviva plc has shot an ad with its customers and employee around all of the world.

Aviva has expressed itself by “This is Aviva” themed film with its worldwide employee and customers. Employees mentions about Aviva’s policy and work ethics while customers explain how they survived after misadventure by help of Aviva. Furthermore a Turkish customer of Aviva explain his satisfaction in this ad.

One of the customer of AvivaSA, Aviva’s company which is based in Turkey, Mehmet Özdemir explained what happened to him as a result of traffic accident. As a holders of credit-linked life insurance Özdemir expressed that how the accident occurred and how accidents burdens has lightened by Aviva for both himself and his family.

Here is the Aviva’s social media commercial film:



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