20 Haziran 2024, Perşembe

Işık Sigorta has reached its target profit

recepkocak1The General Manager of Işık Sigorta, Recep Koçak, announced that, Işık Sigorta, with a 134 million TL premium production at the end of the third quarter, increased its total premium production by an increase of 12.5 percent and gained 15.8 million TL net profits at the same period of the year. Koçak said, “We have reached our targets in terms of portfolio distribution through our four main strategies of stable and profitable portfolio structure, proper risk management, efficient damage control and efficiency in the third quarter of the year. Henceforth, as increasing the distribution in favor of the non-motor branches, we aim to realize a foreseeable and sustainable growth. Koçak, also said that it is now very hard for the insurance companies to achieve a sustainable technical profit due to the competition in the sector but Işık Sigorta is happy to be one of them.


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