20 Mayıs 2024, Pazartesi

Individual Pension System (BES), 10 years old, ready for new citizens over 18

besBES is celebrating its 10 anniversary on the 27th of October 2013. BES that is outsourced by the government at 25pc has boomed in 2013. Beginning the year with 3 million 128 thousand and 130 participants, the number has almost arrived to 4 million. Thus, for about 20 percent of the number of the participants had been in to the system in 2013. The system is open to everyone

In order to increase the habits of savings of the individuals, BES offers various advantages to the participants. Along with the new period, the housewifes wo are exempt from taxes and the students can also participate to the system. Shortly, the system is now avaliable to all the citizens over 18 years old.

On the other hand, the participants have the advantage of state economic control. The activities of the pension companies are being controlled by the Undersecretariat of Treasury. And the pension savings are being protected in the accounts of Takasbank. Thus, the participants savings may be in a secure and transperent situation under the state guarantee.

Total net asset value of pension fund goal: 350 million TL in 2023

Increasing total pension fund and the number of participants have also made to increase the goals of the insurance sector actors. In 2023, the authorities anticipate 11.3 million participants and a total net asset value of fund of 350 billion TL.


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