23 Mayıs 2024, Perşembe

ERGO has given ear to its agencies

ergo_kERGO has come together with the agencies in the agency meeting called “ERGO Sizi Dinliyor” that has been organised between the 10-13 October 2013 in Antalya.

CEO of ERGO Turkey, Theo Kokkalas and The Executive Committee Members Yıldırım Türe, Mert Ekitmen, Stefan Pasternak and Christos Pappas has joined to the meeting with the executives of 251 insurance agencies. They have taken the opportunity to Exchange ideas with one another and the opinions and the suggestions have been transferred to the ‘Feedback Management’. “We will create a sustainable value for the good of Turkish society”

CEO of ERGO Turkey, Theo Kokkalas, said, “As ERGO, we have three main goals to be a sustainable and profitable insurance company: Being a customer and partner oriented company in the context of assuring an outstanding service, choosing, analysing and pricing the risks correctly and lastly, to reach to an operational excellence in the context of efficiency and productivity.”

A measurable and fast service with TOM (Technical Operation Center)

General Manager of ERGO Sigorta, Mert Ekitmen, also discussed the numbers of trafic, fire and transportation insurance. Ekitmen said, “According to our customer-oriented approach, we established ‘Technical Operation Center ’ (TOM). We aimed to provide the needs of our agencies from the center and we observe that the satisfaction rate is about 72pc.”


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