26 Mayıs 2024, Pazar

Galaxy Award to the Anadolu Sigorta Annual Report

anadolusigortaThe Annual Report 2012 of Anadolu Sigorta has been once again rewarded Silver Prize at the Galaxy Awards which is the only independent award program defines the standards of excellence in the field of communication. Anadolu Sigorta’s “The Annual Report 2012” that set through the concept of “Bir Usta Bin Usta” project has been rewarded in the category of Copywriting that is in the fields of content development.” Galaxy Awards comprises the categories like advertising, brochures, copywriting, design, annual reports, emerging media, promotion, public relations, websites and publicity. The Galaxy Awards based on the criteria of creativity, performance, success, efficiency, the requests are evaluated by the editors and the advertisers. The content developments of the Anadolu Sigorta Annual Report have been prepared by Tayburn.


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