17 Temmuz 2024, Çarşamba

“All parties should contribute for solution”

As the first candidate for TSB’S election General Manager of Groupama Sigorta and Groupama Emeklilik Ramazan Ülger said that he will contribute to move the industry further away if he is elected as president.Ramazan Ülger (1)

April is candidate to running fit for insurance industry. A total of 68 members with 62 active, Turkey Insurance Union’s new president will be determined at the Ordinary General Assembly with Elections on April 11, 2014. Executive Committee of Non-life, Life and Pension Management Committee, Disciplinary Committee and the Audit Committee members will also have the choice besides the Union Chairman.

The first name who has announced his nomination for presidency was General Manager of Groupama Sigorta and Groupama Emeklilik Ramazan Ülger. In statements before the election Ülger, pointing that TSB’s legal union of the fast growing industry said “ Due to this mission, communication between companies should be increased by way of union. Furthermore for solving the problems should be continue to work effectively.”

Ülger stated that priority goals of TSB as well. Ülger said “ Priority goals are work intensively for development in the industry, then perform works for needed regulations, expansion of insurance market and increasing the awareness of insurance.”


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