19 Temmuz 2024, Cuma

Eureko Sigorta has been SALT’S sponsor

NoyanGuvencEureko Sigorta has announced that they are the official sponsor of cultural and research institution SALT.

Eureko Sigorta has been the official sponsor of SALT. In the scope of sponsorship Eureko Sigorta will guarantee all artworks which those are exhibited in SALT Beyoğlu, SALT Galata and SALT Ulus against all risks such as fire, earthquake and terrorism . The insurance sponsorship of Eureko Sigorta will continue for a year.

Stating that they prides to being sponsor of SALT Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications of Eureko Sigorta Noyan Güvenç said: “ With a young profile of our company creativity is most important value for us.We take our strength from our dynamism and our creativity.  We believe in that culture and art venues is indispensable for our city and this sponsorship will broaden us new horizontals. Furthermore we want to contribute this field and we have been sponsor to SALT. During the sponsorship all the artworks will be guaranteed by Eureko Sigorta.”


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