25 Mayıs 2024, Cumartesi

Akbank continues to support the BES clients

akbankAkbank is continuing to support its clients who are in BES (Private Pension System) through various special campaigns. In the context of BES occasions, providing chip-money to the customers who purchase BES products through Akbank Offices and Akbank Call Centers and also the customers who regularly pay their contribution sums. Within the campaign, the customers who pay their contribution sums by their Akbank credit cards get a 50 TL bonus for their first payment. Akbank aims to foster its clients who desire to enhance their savings.

“BES wouldn’t be considered as a short-term investment instrument”

Akbank Private Banking General Manager, Galip Tözge, said, “There is a significant demand for BES from the clients in the first 10 months of 2013.”

On the other hand, Tözge gave an advice to the participants of BES. Tözge said, “The participants should not consider BES as a short-term investment instrument. We are talking about a 120 months period. If they want to benefit from the state contribution, they must stay in the system till their retirement.”


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