26 Mayıs 2024, Pazar

We have three strategic priorities for sustainable profitability

ergoERGO Executive Committee Member Responsible from Sales and Marketing, Yııldırım Türe, said, ”As ERGO, we aim to be a profitable and sustainable growth company and in this context we determine three strategical basic objectives which are ‘Perfect service for our customers and sale partners’, ‘Having a superior technical knowledge’ and ‘Operational excellence’. Türe said, “Abide to our targets, we have made a great leap forward according to our strategy and we continue to do that.”

We attach great importance to perfectionism at risk management

As predicting the future of the insurance sector, Türe, “Managing the insurable risks is the basing point of our job. Therefore, excellence and active risk distribution about the risk management and ensuring take the first place for ERGO. We desire to distinguish with our guality level of service, not with our prices” he said.

Profitlessness, not the only problem

He also added that, “We are aware of the problem of profitlessness in the sector but we know that it is not the only trouble. The penetration ratio and the insurance awareness are very low. On the orher hand, the risk awareness of the people must be increased and lastly, the surprises based on the continuous changes of regulations which have been done to stabilize the sector must be minimized.” Yakup SAYAR / DÜNYA


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