4 Aralık 2023, Pazartesi

Turkish investments are reflecting on our belief

roberto salasStating their satisfaction with investments in Turkey, Liberty Mutual International’s President of the European Market, Roberto Salas said: “Our goal is to increase the non-life insurance market share in Turkey by 3–4 percent.”

Liberty Mutual Insurance makes an indelible impression with its innovative products and high quality service in the insurance industry. Moreover, they continue to grow rapidly. Believing in Turkey’s potential in 2006, Liberty Mutual Insurance penetrated the market with the purchase of Şeker Sigorta. Liberty International’s President of the European Market, Roberta Salas, indicated their long-term perspective on Turkey concerning investments.

Providing information about Liberty’s strategy for Europe, Salas said “Goals of Liberty in Europe will increase in size. We will not enter different industries; rather, our aim is going from strength to strength in the same industry.” Furthermore, Salas added in his speech, “in the long term, the insurance industry will continue to develop and there’s profit to be gained. We believe in that we are quite successful in the Turkish market.”

A customer-oriented system is our first choice

Stating that the importance of the customer in both retail and commercial requirements, the General Manager of Liberty Sigorta, Ragıp Yergin said “ As Liberty Insurance we have set our strategy appropriating the customer-oriented perspective rather than product-oriented perspective.”

Liberty Mutual Insurance predicts profitably in 2014

Reporting that $496 million net income after tax in 2013, Liberty Mutual Insurance’s net profit increased by 110 percent compared to the previous year. Furthermore, Liberty Mutual Insurance’s net profit reached $ 1.743 billion at the end of last year. Climbing the corporate ladder in both net premium output and profitably in 2013, Liberty Mutual Insurance has showed that they still are in the top three.


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