19 Temmuz 2024, Cuma

TrafiKasko will inspire to the insurance sector

trafikaskoGeneral Manager of Liberty Sigorta, Ragıp Yergin, as mentioning that the customers are fully covered by their new product TrafiKasko which combined the two traffic and automobile insurance, said, “We believe that the insurance sector will gradually combine these two products.” Yergin, added, “In 2014, the insurance sector must focus on customer-based regulations and practices.”Yergin, also said that Liberty Sigorta, as preferring to work only with the agencies, follows the principle of growing with its agency and supporting the portfolio of its agency.

“There are mistakes have to be fixed in 2014”
As stating that Liberty Mutual Insurance which is a global insurance group operates in 28 different countries, organizes a huge meeting in every year. The meeting where the environment of the insurance sector of these countries are shared, Yergin, said, “I hadn’t experienced a country portfolio like Turkey.” Yergin, as mentioning that the other countries generally can return to profitability after a couple of years, said, “In Turkey, the insurance sector has been in loss for about 5 years and the mistakes that occurred this situation have to be fixed.” Yergin added, “The first thing is to compete in equal conditions. To do this, there has to be a regulation about capital adequacy.” SİGORTALI


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