16 Haziran 2024, Pazar

The biggest risk that the business world faces: Income inequality

semsiyeAccording to the Global Risks 2014 Report of World Economic Forum, the most probable risk that has the potential to affect globally is income inequality. The other significant risks are financial crisis, high unemployment and greater incidence of extreme weather events. 31 global risks that are analyzed in, the report also includes in-depth analysis about geopolitical risks, digital disintegration and youth employment. The report has been prepared by the cooperation of over 700 global experts of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Swiss Re, Zurich Insurance Group, the Oxford Martin School, the National University of Singapore, Wharton Risk Management Decision Processes Center, indicates that the most probable risk in the next 10 years is considered as the income inequality between the wealthy and the poor citizens.

The world needs to be managed more coordinately

President of Global Risk and Specialties of Marsh Inc., John Drzik, points out that strained geopolitical environment is a huge obstacle against the critical sectors for the global development such as financial services, health and energy. Drzik, said, “The world needs a better coordinated management that can avoid the systematic risks to become a complete crisis.”


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