19 Haziran 2024, Çarşamba

TARSIM fetches double to farmers

ramazankadakTARSIM General Manager Ramazan Kadak said that, in three years, TARSIM has covered 3 million 361 thousand policies and 812 thousand of them caused damage. “As TARSIM, we support a claim payment over 1 bn TL. With the government assistance, it becomes over 2 bn TL” he said.Those who are not registered, can not benefit from the support

Kadak has reminded that TARSIM has been established with the law in 2005. Tarsim is indeed a civil society initiative and stands with the support of the government. TARSIM insures in six different branches and supports 50 percent in each of then. Kadak also indicates that it is necessary fort he farmers to be registered to Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and of course be insured.

Kadak has clarified the six branches as: herbal product, bovine, ovine, poultry and culture fishing.Kadak said, “In the context of bovine breeding, we covered almost 1.5 million cattle since 2006 and since 2011, we covered 672 thousand small cattles.”



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