16 Haziran 2024, Pazar

Special protection for marine enthusiasts from Eureko Sigorta

Suha CeleEureko Sigorta providing many services in case of damage including transportation, rental car, replacement captain, payment of accommodation expense with its Yat Asistans Hizmeti.

Yach owners are safe both on land and at sea with Eureko Sigorta Yacht Insurance.  Eureko sigorta offers impound sea delight of yacht owners with comprehensive policy range and a very special Yacht Assistance Services. The product ensures natural disasters, theft, fire and maritime accident. Furthermore, the product involves third party liability in case of accident.

Yacht sales will increase the demand of insurance

Pointing that potential of yacht and marine tourism have high potential in Turkey, Deputy Technical Manager of Eureko Sigorta, Süha Çele said that Turkey is the third country in the world yacht production. Çele says, “Turkey has 26 thousand binding capacity now, but expected that increase the capacity to 50 thousand.  In this sense, increasing of the yacht production will affect positively the demand of yacht insurance.”

How can you have Eureko Sigorta Yacht Insurance?

Yacht owners can obtain Eureko Sigorta Yacht Insurance via Garanti Bank branches,  distribution channels, brokers and agencies.


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