23 Mayıs 2024, Perşembe

SBN Sigorta, announce 2.7 million TL Q3 profit

recepduray1SBN continued to announce profit in the third quarter of 2013. Thus, SBN became one of the rare insurance companies raising its profit in all the quarters.

General Manager of SBN Sigorta, Recep Duray, mentioning that they have started the restructuring strategy with a new understanding and a new staff since the beginning of 2012, stated that they received the positive results of their strategies.Highlighting the company’s goal to achieve reliable, sustainable and predictable growth, Duray said, “SBN Sigorta announces profit for three quarters. This performance that occurs from insurance technical profit is also the outcome of risk management and pricing of our staff.”

75 percent of the policies are from non-automobile branches

As stating that they have reconstituted the production strategy of the company from traffic and auto-based into 82 percent non-automobile-based at the end of 2012, Duray said, “We have maintained the same performance in the third quarter of 2013. When we observe the outcome of the third quarter, we can see that for about 75 percent of our production comes from the non-automobile branches.”

We will continue to launch new products in 2014

“We have achieved overwhelming growing performance by focusing to the fire, engineering, DASK (Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool), TARSİM (Agricultural Insurance Pool) and personal accident insurances. We maintain our strategy in 2013 and announced 2.7 mn TL Q3 profit.” Duray, lastly said, “We have ended the customer claims and happy to get the positive results of that situation. We will launch new products to our customers in 2014, too. I want to thank to Şekerbank and all the agencies that have understood, adopted our new strategy and accepted to proceed with us.”


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