20 Mayıs 2024, Pazartesi

Property insurance package to the pharmacists from Anadolu Sigorta

musaulkenAnadolu Sigorta announced the new product of property insurance package customized for the pharmacists. Within the context of the campaign that is current to the 31th of December, the members and their families of the Turkish Pharmacists’ Association will qualify for reduced-rate of 35pc from the Anadolu Sigorta property insurance package. The policy covers the risks of fire, robbery and flood except the earthquake. The property and the personal possessions are covered as well as the guest belongings and individual third party liability. “We always update our products”
The General Manager of Anadolu Sigorta, Musa Ülken, while giving the information about their new product, said, “We are always updating our product according to the needs and demands of our customers.” Some indemnities given additionally to the fire insurance with the Pharmacy Package Insurance are:

– Damaged goods of medicines that fell from the shelters,

– The prescriptions waiting for billing and pilferage of the medicines and the chemicals subjecting to the green and red prescriptions,

– Decomposition of the medical equipments due to the deterioration of the refrigerating appliances.

– Exposed to an under-insurance due to the violent price increase which is declared by the Ministry of Health

– The condition of facing with the claims due to the faults or the negligence of the employees of the pharmacy.


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