15 Temmuz 2024, Pazartesi

Life insurances have been reinvigorated, growth rate has passed over 30pc

sigortaLife insurance segment that has been derogated in 2012 has reborned this year. The rapid growth of the national economy and the life insurances on credit are the main factors that helped this boom. In the first 7 months period, the statistics show that the life insurance segment has grown 30.37pc and the number of the insurees has increased 14.7pc; the reel economic growth rate of the life insurance segment was for about 20pc in the same period. The share of the banks is growing

According to the statistics of the Life Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (HAYMER), the share of the banks in the individual and the group policies has increased to 80pc in the total chain of distribution as against 75pc last year.

Vice General Manager of Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik, Uğur Erkan, said, “The growth of the premium production that has been observed from the beginning of this year, is indeed derived from the risk and the annuity insurances; and in this case, the banks have taken an active role.” He also added, “However, there is stil a great potential in the penetration to the costomer base of the banks and we expect that this tendacy will remain in the future.”


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