15 Temmuz 2024, Pazartesi

Dalaş: Price-rise has stopped in motor insurance segment

recaidalasThe General Manager of Sompo Japan Sigorta, Recai Dalaş, said “In the motor insurance segment, the markup has stopped and the premium costs have decreased.” In the interview with Noyan Doğan from Hürriyet, Dalaş, sarcastically, gave the good news to the customers that the statistics in the motor insurance segment showed that the insurace sector don’t like to make a profit! Dalaş, also added, “There are also good news for the insurance sector managers, which is, the insurance sector finally decided to determine different prices to the customers who have a damaged insurance history.”  “The dynamics of the insurance sector will largely change”

Dalaş, also gave information about the future of the insurance sector in Turkey. He said, “In 10 years period, the dynamics of the insurance sector will largely change. This change will be observed in the fields of product tree, the customer preferences and the chain of distribution, it is obvious. The insurance sector, itself, can’t go like the way things are going today. We, as the managers of the insurance companies, can’t say that we are running well our companies. The investors also may not be able to stand on to that kind of a loss for a long time and will want to sell his company and pull out of the market. Today, it can be said that there are some foreign investors that want to be in the sector but unfortunately there are more who wants to pull out of the sector.” He, lastly predicted that the number of the insurance companies in the sector will shortly decrease in Turkey.



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