19 Haziran 2024, Çarşamba

Insurance can also cover your economic concerns

semsiyeThe gossips about the economic stagnation, rising exchange rates and political instability make individuals anxious about the costs of the probable damages to their cars, houses and health. Sigortam.net, the first and the widest platform of Turkey in the field of sales and quotes over internet and phone, warns the public that it is easy to avoid high costs through the best possible prices.
Small payments mean a lot

CEO of Sigortam.net, Serdar Dinçaslan believes that the key of your budget concerns is insurance. As stating that the insurance premiums are not as high as thought, Dinçaslan said, “Everybody can cover his own life and properties with a small amount of payments.”

The risks are increasing because of economic uncertainties

As highlighting that the insureds must check their insurance coverage, Dinçaslan warns the clients about the high cost policies studded with the supplementary coverage. Dinçaslan, said, “The most probable risks must firstly take place in the insurance policies. The clients also consider expire date of their policies and that’s why, the customers must choose the most reliable insurance companies.”


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