24 Mayıs 2024, Cuma

Hanzade Aytaçlı from Liberty Sigorta, transferred abroad

liberty_kLiberty Sigorta Marketing Director and Executive Committee Member, Hanzade Aytaçlı has been transferred to the Liberty International Europe Office including England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Poland and Turkey. Hanzade Aytaçlı, serving at Liberty Sigorta, operating as the fifth largest insurance company of the world, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, in Turkey since 2009, will perform her regional responsibility reporting to President of Europe of Liberty International with this appointment by 2014.

Serving as the Marketing Director at Liberty Sigorta since 2009, Hanzade Aytaçlı who provided the reconstruction of the marketing division, launching the brand, accomplishing awarded social media applications, has also been involved in various global projects within Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Hanzade Aytaçlı, sharing her opinions about her appointment, said, “Liberty Mutual Insurance Group is a company that gives priority to people and determines its human resources strategy not only function-based but also globally. In that context, talent pools are being created and I am the first person who appointed to a global position from that pool.” Aytaçlı has ended her words: “I am very proud to be in a global company which takes helping people to live in secure as a mission. I and my crew aim to accomplish new projects in the presence of Liberty International Europe Region countries.”


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