18 Temmuz 2024, Perşembe

Gülen: The insurance sector must adapt itself to the X, Y and Z generations

ugurgulen1As mentioning that the 75 percent of the general population of Turkey consisting of X, Y and Z generations, General Manager of Aksigorta, Uğur Gülen, said, “The insurance sector and its actors must be fast and creative in the fields touching the customers who comprise of these new generations continuously changeable and using every kind of technology very often.”  Gülen added that the customer profile change at a fast pace in the insurance sector as in all the other sectors. Gülen said, “The traditional customer profile gave its place to the hybrid customer profile. That is the main reason of the need of the insurance sector to adapt itself to the new understanding.”

New customer profile is consisted of Y generation

Gülen pointed that the insurance sector must leave behind the understanding of self-based problems and added, “Sector (insurance) has lost its focus on customers by reason of talking its own problems. However, there occurred a new hybrid customer profile who become more conscious, search and investigate, compare and completely open to the new technology, all kinds of innovations and change. The Y generation who are between the ages of 15-32 will be the new customer profile. The sector must adapt itself to that new generation and its habits and understandings and find new solutions to new issues to become ready to the future and must only focus on customers. In that near future, only the companies that adapt itself to that new conjuncture will be successful.”

Gülen, lastly said, “As Aksigorta, we have started to build our business processes due to that new customer profile and announced the next year as ‘Customer Year’.”


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