26 Mayıs 2024, Pazar

Europ Assistance Turkey is celebrating its success

europasistanceEurop Assistance Turkey, active in Turkey since 2010, celebrated its performance in the last three years with a team tour to Rome.

As one of the biggest assistance enterprises in the world, Europ Assistance provides assistance services in 208 countries and succeeded in Turkey with its partnership business model, offering tailor made services. In line with this professional approach, Europ Assistance Turkey is today working with 20 partner companies from the insurance, automotive and banking sector and successfully deepening the business relations with unique projects and product developments. By providing added value with innovative products and services, Europ Assistance actively supports its business partners to reach the targeted profitability, with a special focus on definite quality controls thus reaching a service precision rate of 99,9%.

To celebrate this achievement and for the continuation of the success story, the Europ Assistance managers came together for a team tour with their CEO Mr. Stefano Sarti in Rome, and returned back to Turkey full of motivation, energy and new concepts for a prosperous year of 2014.


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