26 Mayıs 2024, Pazar

Emergency Action Plan was taken into action, service continued without interruption

fatmazakaryanCGM General Manager Fatma Zakaryan said that they served to their clients with Emergency Action Plan in their replacement offices after the natural gas explosion in the general management building consistently. The continuity of service comes at the beginning of the most important elements for a company.It has sometimes a big importance of having ‘Plan B’ in unfavourable situations to ensure the continuity,by implication,the quality of the service that is given to customers. CompuGroup Medical (CGM) was shocked with the explosion in the general management building located in Teknopark region. While it is a big chance that the explosion due to gas leak occurs outside of working hours,all companies in the building including CGM were exposed to service interruption danger. CGM General Manager, Mrs. Fatma Zakaryan, declared that in this instance Emergency Action Plan was taken into action and they continued to serve with replacement offices and systems. She said that ‘ in similar situaitons the continuity of service without interruption is an important need for both for us and our customers’. She told us the incident and the process.

There was no structural damage for building carrier system
“Analysis and controls were made after the explosion” was said Mrs. Zakaryan and she continued as follows: “After the explosion, the entrance to the building was forbidden because of security and lecturers from Engineering Faculty have started to make technical analysis in the same day. After first analysis of the effects of explosion the entrance was opened the day later. Last week, “Technical Analysis Report: The effects of explosion in Yıldız Technical University, Davutpaşa Campus, Teknopark, B2 Block on Construction Carrier System” was published. According to the report, there was no structural damage for building carrier system.

Our All Systems operated at full capacity
Mrs. Zakaryan said that “The explosion incident on 23th October occured around 5 o’clock in the morning,at this time there were employees on duty in the Office ,as they give 24/7 service. She also said that ‘‘ When we heard about the incident ,having information about the health conditions of our friends on duty became our priority. Although the minor injuries of our two friends made us sad,it made us happy that there was not a bigger injury or death loss.” She continued as follows: “CGM has an Emergency Action Plan to take into action in this kind of situations,and they continue to serve with their replacement systems in their replacement Office within the framework of this plan. After the incident ,an interreption occured only between 06:00-07:00 hours .Except this,all our systems operated at full capacity.’’ Zakaryan remarked that they sent the companies which they give services an informational letter about that every thing is stable ;all their customers reached them first of all to know if there is an injury or death loss and when they heard that nothing serious happened,they uttered their satisfaction about the continued service without interruption. They thank them very much for their sensitiveness.

We have replacement offices in Istanbul and Ankara
Mrs. Zakaryan said that “we did the practice of our emergency action plan without willingness as we have done theoretically before the incident. “Our plan is kept in reserves where there is less natural disaster risk.” was said Mrs. Zakaryan and she continued as follows: “As you know, we are all living with earthquake exposure in Istanbul. This is valid for all companies operating here. Even in such a case, it was very important for us and also for our customers that we still continued to give our services without interruption. Because of that, the data which serve as basis of the programs we are using are kept in reserves where there is less natural disaster risk. We have 2 replacement offices in Istanbul and Ankara, and also we have personnels who work in these replacement offices. As a matter of fact we continued to give our services from Istanbul replacement office during this explosion.”


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