25 Mayıs 2024, Cumartesi

Dubai Starr Sigorta will be both a boutique and a market insurance firm

goktuggurGeneral Manager of Dubai Starr, Göktuğ Gür, as mentioning that they have reorganized in 2013, said, “Boutique and a market firm are different from each other but we try to operate as both and we believe that we have succeeded.”

The insurance sector will experience new financial models based on sustainable profitability

As stating that the percentage of the foreign investment in the Turkish insurance sector reached to 90 percent, Gür said, “The performance of growth and profitability becomes more important for the foreign investors especially in a period of economic crisis in developed countries of Europe. On the other hand, when the expectations come to naught, naturally, the local companies and executives started to feel the pressure. 2013 was a year that these arguments have been made and we have learned that many things shouldn’t be done as previous years. So, in my opinion, this experience has lots of advantages and its reflections will be seen in 2014. The insurance sector will experience financial models based on sustainable profitability.”

“We equalized our portfolio”

“As Dubai Starr, all the things that we aimed to realize have been completed in a very short time period” said Gür and added, “Our priorities and rotation have changed in 2013. We were a auto-based company but now. Dubai Starr Sigorta is capable of providing services especially in niche branches. We aimed to establish a balanced portfolio and we made it.”

The demands of the new generation will form the product range

As mentioning that ‘to sell a product, there must be a demand’, Gür said, “The current products in the insurance sector are determined by the choices of new generations. The life style and the priorities of the consumers will again determine the product range and the companies must consider these changes to seek the market and compete.”


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