23 Mayıs 2024, Perşembe

CGM lays information bridge with Claimer

fatmazakaryanSupporting the infrastructure which is using by insurance companies and healthcare institutions CompuGroup Medical (CGM), lay information bridge between institutions with their strategic product Claimer.

Pointing that their wide range experience President of CGM Fatma Zakaryan and Marketing and Sales Manager Yakup Doğrul said “Combining the knowledge of health with information technology we developed designs which can manage to insurance industry.”  Assessing their 2013 goals Zakaryan and Doğrul stated their 2014 targets as well.

Mentioning that decreasing of Claimer’s utilization Fatma Zakaryan and Yakup Doğrul “2013 was a busy year for us but we are glad that workload.” Then Doğrul stated that over 800 health institutions use Claimer. Furthermore Zakaryan “As our 2014 goal, at the end of the year 50 per cent of inter-agency data will  flow via Claimer.”


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