15 Temmuz 2024, Pazartesi

Axa Sigorta launched Agency Manifesto

axaAxa Sigorta Sales & Marketing Manager and Executive Committee Member, Işıl Akyol, said that Axa has increased its market share as showing an augmentation over the average rate of the insurance sector as in all years as in 2013. Highlighting that Axa is company that gives a great importance to its agencies and aggrandizing the distribution network institutions which are working with them while Axa is growing, Işıl Akyol, said, “The importance given to the agencies is an element that contributes an add-value to the company’s business partners.  Despite all the demands from the agencies, Axa doesn’t prefer to double the number of its agencies but increase the number of their policies, Akyol said. The respect and the confidence of the agencies to the company raised the sensibility of Axa Sigorta to choose its agencies and ensure to determine the agencies according to its convenience to the Axa Sigorta family.

‘Grey areas have been brightened’

Stating that Axa has launched an ‘Agency Manifesto’ as leading the way, Akyol said, “The company specified its responsibilities to its agencies and constituted its commitments transparently. Akyol sorted the major topics of the Agency Manifesto that has been announced to the public in written: “What does Axa expect from its business partners and guarantee to them? What are the elements that make Axa a complete agency-based company? How does the principle of equity of Axa work? What does Axa provide in relation to property portfolio? In which conditions does Axa separate from its agents? In which conditions Axa agency can lower the commission?”

Akyol, lastly said, “Axa Sigorta has clarified all the grey areas between itself and its business partners and thus, created a sparkling business model. It is the evidence of trust of Axa Sigorta to its partners of its transparent business principles and its equitable approach by putting its principles in written.”


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