25 Mayıs 2024, Cumartesi

Asya Emeklilik’s foreign currency indexed sukuk funds are close at hand

turker gursoyAimed that being within first 5 in Individual Pension System (BES) in the next few year Asya Emeklilik will expand its product range for interest-sensitive participants.

Individual Pension System (BES) continues to grow rapidly in Turkey with the effect of 25 percent government contribution. According to the March 7 data of Emeklilik Gözetim Merkezi (EGM), in the system there are approximately 4.5 million participants while total net asset value of fund is reaching 26 billion TL. Furthermore new participant companies of the system have showed a considerable growth since the beginning of government contribution last year. Although being a new company in the system, Asya Emeklilik is one of the first 7 companies as well. Moreover Asya Emeklilik aims that being in the first 5 companies in the next year with expanding their product ranges for interest-sensitive participants. General Manager of Asya Emeklilik Türker Gürsoy has shared Asya Emeklilik goals to SİGORTALI.

Lease certificate weighted portfolio
Essentially Asya Emeklilik’s has wide instruments and they are suits for every investor.Lease certificates are one of those instruments (TL denominated). As we learn from Gürsoy that the secret of Asya Emeklilik’s success is relevance of interest-sensitive participants and consolidation of Asya Emeklilik’s shareholder ‘Asya Bank’. Stated that interest-sensitive audience has been gained to BES thanks to Asya Emeklilik Gürsoy said: “ This has made a major contribution to the system in the last year. In 2013 Asya Emeklilik has performed to bring 14 percent participant to the system in total number of customer. Almost the all of this participants were first timer in industry. As Asya Emeklilik we have opened a new lane in the industry. When we were inviting the interest-sensitive customer to the system our mission was expand the market.”

Indexed Certificate of Lease Fund will invest to U.S. denominated sukuks
Stating that they are on the point to launch indexed certificate of lease fund Gürsoy gives the following information about the fund: “As we have experienced in recent months, foreign exchange is occasionally falling from other invests as proceeds. We aimed that offer a new alternative or customers who want to invest and waiting for proceeds in foreign Exchange. There is no obstacles in front of exporting this. We have plan to presents the fund which is investing in dollar-denominated both domestic and overseas to participants.”


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