19 Haziran 2024, Çarşamba

Aksigorta protects your credit cards with Bodycard

aksigorta_kAksigorta provides Professional service to your both Akbank and other bank credit cards, keys, mobiles, wallets and baggages in case of stealing or missing with ‘Bodycard Insurance Package’.

Aksigorta Technical Assistant Manager, Ali Doğdu, as stating that Bodycard covers the customers for the probable risks by providing wide range coverage, said, “In case of stealing or missing, the only thing that the Bodycard owners should do is to call 444 25 25.”  Coverage all over the world

As highlighting that it is possible to provide the needs of the customers fast and in a very short time with Bodycard Protection Package, said, “The customers can report lost or stolen items not only in Turkey but also all over the world anytime anywhere. Against the unauthorized spending, Bodycard covers the expense to 50 thousand TL before the report of lost or stolen credit cards.”

Do not forget to register your credit cards

It is necessary for the customers to register their credit cards or documents whether they are from Akbank or not to the system by calling 444 25 25. Thus, the customers do not need to call all the banks that they work with because Bodycard will inform them on behalf of you. SİGORTALI


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