20 Mayıs 2024, Pazartesi

Aksigorta has broadened property insurance’s scope

ev-esya sigortasi - 1Adding new guarantees to its property’s insurance Aksigorta has guaranteed insured against to weakness of isolation or due to lack of joint damages.

Property insurance of Aksigorta is one of the most preferred insurance. Moreover it has a lot of coverage for insurees. The product guaranteed home & goods, family and neighbours of insuree. Moreover during the policy it collateralizes these with 500 TL. Product also have wide coverage and the policy collateralizes from toys to jewelry at your home.

Within the scope of the product many assistance services are given as well

Aksigorta Property Insurance offers to liability towards third person, disadvantagedness to neighbours coverages. Product is presenting many assistance services as well while it is collateralizing medical expenses of home owners.
Moreover the product is also present locksmith and glassmaker services. As if any injury of family members it covers also free ambulance service. Other coverages of Aksigorta property insurance are 4 stars hotel accommodation fee during repair of unuseable homes.


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