19 Haziran 2024, Çarşamba

60 million TL savings contribution to insurance sector and Turkish economy from AUTO KING

autokingAssistant General Manager of AUTO KING, Dilek Yücetin, mentioning that they aim to make happy all the parts of the insurance sector, insurance companies, insurance agents and policyholders, said, “Our service mentality which is ‘Repairing instead of Replacement’ contributed 60 million TL added value to the insurance sector and Turkish economy.”ATO KING succeeded to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level through the added value and the services to its core sector of insurance by using the rapid recovery techniques and the latest technologic equipments including know-how for the purpose of micro and medium sized damages since 2001. Yücetin shared AUTO KING’s achievements in 2013 and their expectations from 2014 with SİGORTALI.

Quality, savings and customer satisfaction

As stating that the philosophy of AUTO KING is offering ethical and transparent service based on creativity and innovation, Yücetin, added, “In that manner, as AUTO KING, our vision is to hold together the quality, savings and customer satisfaction by bringing new novelties to the insurance sector without imitating.”

2.3 mn of customer portfolio

Yücetin, saying that they have made strategic decisions and they are about to complete 2013 subject to these decisions, said, “We have managed a record level of customer satisfaction and added value to the insurance sector in 2013. The services that we provided according to the needs of the sector are ‘Micro Repair’ and ‘Mobil Parts Repair’ in which we gave service to 2.3 million customers who have car insurance policy.”

The first foreign service center of Turkey: AUTO KING MOSCOW

As part of making a Turkish brand into a world brand, as AUTO KING, Yücetin said that they have decided to extend abroad. In that context, Yücetin said, “Within the investments to Greece and Russia, the first foreign auto service center of Turkey, AUTO KING Moscow has started to give service in November.”

Lastly, as mentioning that they are pretty happy from 2013, Yücetin, said, “We are expecting that the year of 2014 will be an outstanding and confident year for AUTO KING. I hope that AUTO KING will extend in new service areas in an organizational structure in Turkey, Russia and Greece in 2014.”


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