19 Temmuz 2024, Cuma

“We produce tailor-made policy in engineering projects”

ercan yasar (1)Stating that they are leader with their tailor-made policy in the sector and engineering branch, Engineering, Liability and Corporate Risk Director of Mapfre Genel Sigorta Ercan Eryaşar said “ With our overseas connections we are talented and innovative company in this branch.”

With emerging economy of Turkey and foreign capital inflows industrial plants, housing, shopping centers, roads and other infrastructure projects are fairly increased. Insurance industry offers protection in these areas with the engineering insurance products. Mapfre is one of the that companies which is providing these products. Ercan Eryaşar emphasizing that Mapfre is one of the first company that establishing department in the field of engineering said “We are the first company which provides security in Northern Iraq.”



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