20 Mayıs 2024, Pazartesi

We act fast like an individual but work as an institution

The founders of ‘Aves Sigorta Ekspertiz’, Atilla Gül and Serdar Oğuz, stating that Aves will differ from the others by finding solutions very quickly, said, “We are not attached to the corporate structure. We act as an individual but work as an institution.”atillagul

The main goal of ‘Aves Sigorta Ekspertiz’ is to create customer satisfaction with the principles of impartiality and transparency and avoid frauds. Gül and Oğuz, said, “We are working in both insurance and appraisal companies and we both know both sides very well.” The key is to be impartial

“Impartiality and the confidence are the key notions in our sector” said, Gül and Oğuz and mentioned that the insurance companies work with the experts whom they have confidence. You also respond to that very confidence in the same way and while you are doing that you must protect the insured as well. Gül and Oğuz concluded: “The reports must be completely confidential and you, as an expert, must stick to your report.” SIGORTALI


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