24 Mayıs 2024, Cuma

Two new products from ERGO Sigorta: Başka Kasko and Yüzde Yüz Sağlık Sigortası

theokokkalas_y.tureERGO Türkiye, the meeting in which the activities that have been done in the context of the new business strategy in 2013 were shared, introduced its new products of “ERGO Başka Kasko” and “ERGO Yüzde Yüz Sağlık Sigortası”. CEO of Ergo Türkiye, Theo Kokkalas, who made the opening speech at the meeting, said, “We, as ERGO Sigorta, through our extensive experience and the financial strength of MunichRe, continue to provide the best service to our customers. As ERGO Türkiye, our priority is to be a reliable and customer-centric company. In parallel with this purpose, we are working very closely with our strong agency channel country-wide.” “The agencies are the most important part of our sales strategy”

The Executive Committee Member of ERGO Türkiye, Yıldırım Türe, said, “The agencies are the most important part of our sales strategy. As the executives, we came together with 753 agents and we covered a distance of 94.962 km. We aim to increase that number to 850 at the end of the year. On the other hand, at the end of 2013, our target is to incorporate 180 new associates to ERGO family.


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