24 Şubat 2024, Cumartesi

Türk Nippon Sigorta will focus on non-motor insurance branches in 2014

baturalppamukcuGeneral Manager of Türk Nippon Sigorta, Dr. E. Baturalp Pamukçu mentioned that they have reached their goal to be an active player in all the branches that increase the total revenue to the company and the distribution channels in 2013.”

“As achieving great success by practicing the changes for the purpose of increasing the profitability, we made technical profit in 2013” Pamukçu said. “We have grown at twice the rate of the insurance sector”

Pamukçu, mentioning that Türk Nippon Sigorta has grown 50 percent compare to the last year in 2013, highlighted that this rate is at twice the rate of the Turkish insurance sector. As stating that their new goal is again growing twice as over the insurance sector in 2014, said, “We will achieve our goal in a structure parallel to our risk acceptance strategies of 2013.”

“Our key associates are the agencies”

Pamukçu said, “As Türk Nippon Sigorta, we are going to go through the proper channels to motivate and support our agencies in 2014 and continue to launch campaigns for our agencies parallel to our strategy of extending their portfolios in certain areas.”

As mentioning that they are seeking to make difference at the service that they are giving to their agencies, Pamukçu said, “As Türk Nippon Sigorta, we desire to be reachable to all our agencies to find solutions in a very short time through an organizational scheme.”


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