20 Mayıs 2024, Pazartesi

Türe: The commission of our agents is and will not be a cost element for ERGO Sigorta

ytureERGO Executive Committee Member Responsible from Sales and Marketing, Yıldırım Türe, spoke to Sigortalı, “We, as ERGO Sigorta, aim to be a client-centrique company that by prioritizing the interests of our agents at the same time. We evaluate that this is the best way to touch our customers by not annoying our agents.”

On the other hand, Türe said, “On the purpose of accomplishing our targets, we desire to use the instruments of ERGO International to develop our technical capacity. We invest to enhance our substructure system.”Operational excellence

As mentioning the importance of the tendencies of their clients, Türe said that “As ERGO Sigorta, we achieve substantial datas about the factors that determines the customer tendencies. ERGO Sigorta attach great importance to the process with their clients starting from the first ‘hello’ on the phone to the end of the policy.” In that regard, Türe said, “We want to compete with an understanding based on services but not on prices.” SİGORTALI


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