15 Temmuz 2024, Pazartesi

“Tur Assist is the leading high standard assistance company of our insurance sector”

cemalfenerciogluGeneral Manager of Tur Assist, Cemal Fenercioğlu, has mentioned that they have raised the standards of the assistance sector through their investments and the new systems that they have built. Fenercioğlu said, “They have also contributed to the world standards with the capability of service quality and innovations.  “As Tur Assist, we export technology”

As stating that they are following the latest technologic developments, Fenercioğlu said, “We, as Tur Assist, aim to provide a high standard service to our customers through our own softwares. By FUTURA system, for example, we give an assistance service in a very short time with a high technology. We also export our software programmes to foreign assistance markets.”

‘Accepting all the insured not as a policy but as a human’

Stating the key of their success, Fenercioğlu explained, “To accept all the insured not as a policy but as a human and dedicating your life to make them smile.” Fenercioğlu also said that as Tur Assist, they are not an institution of cost but profit. Fenercioğlu stated, “We, the Tur Assist family, become happy as long as our customers are, too.”

About the product range of Tur Assist, Fenercioğlu said, “I can surely say that we, as Tur Asist, have the largest product range of the sector at creating new products through our experience in different sectors.”

Tur Assist provides high quality service to the leading companies

Lastly, Fenercioğlu, said, “Tur Assist provides the best service to the leading companies of the world and VW, Audi, Fiat, Renault, Lassa, Bridgestone, L’Oreal, AVIS are among them.”


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