15 Temmuz 2024, Pazartesi

The ones who take risk, gain in BES

besThe participants who take risk gained in Private Pension System (BES) in a long time period. As the number of the bankruptcy of the companies in the stock market reaching to 20 in the last 10 years, the income of the ones who participated to BES or stock weighted funds have been over the index. The investors aimed to gain more in a short time by purchasing the shares of the risky businesses. According to the news of Zeynep Aktaş from Milliyet, at the same period, the ones who invested to BES stock funds have gained from 100 to 500 percent. Besides, the state contribution of 25 percent is not included to that ratio.  Interest to stock funds will increase

It is observed that most of the citizens are afraid of taking risks. The ones who take risk choose the stock market and it is not few at all who behave in a speculative perspective. In the pension funds, the investors mostly prefer the government bills, treasury bonds, financial bills and deposit funds. According to the statistics of ‘fonbul.com’, the portfolio value of the pension funds is 26 billion liras. The 58.45 percent of these funds consist of bills and 15.84 percent is share portfolio. It is possible that the interest to share will increase while BES is extending.

20 companies were issued from BIST

In the last 10 years, here is the list of the companies issued from BIST: Alfa Menkul, Çukurova Elektrik, Kepez Elektrik, Metaş, Raks Elektronik, Raks Ev Aletleri, Lio Yağ, Toprak Fin., Koniteks, Ünal Tarım, Arat Tekstil, Uki, Abana, Uzel Makina, Boyasan Tekstil, Meges Boya, Tümteks, Goldaş, EGS GMYO, Berdan Tekstil. Zeynep AKTAŞ / MİLLİYET


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