25 Mayıs 2024, Cumartesi

The need of home care services increases with the ageing population

emlak1The ageing population which is an economic nightmare for the developed countries is now a serious problem for Turkey. However, in Europe, in order to vitiate the negative economic influence of the ageing population, the insurance system is using as a rescuer. In Europe, with home care insurance, the needs of the elderly people are provided and they are assisted with the domiciliary care services. Thus, it also becomes a saving method in the health expenses section. On the other hand, there isn’t such a solution in Turkey and that’s why, the home care coverage in the health insurances becomes more important.

The authorities of the insurance sector believe that there is a lack of infrastructure in the sector for the purpose of applying the home care insurance. And also, the idea of the inclusion of the home care coverage to the individual pension system is also inappropriate because of the dissimilarity between the target markets.

Lastly, according to the statistics, the average life time is accepted as 75 in Turkey in 2002 and it is 77 in women and 72 in men. On the other hand, the average life time is accepted as 80 worldwide. The specialists highlight that the average life has increased 14 years in the last 10 years and due to that reality, the health expenses have been increased. Seval Karaca / SİGORTALI


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