20 Temmuz 2024, Cumartesi

RS Servis will grow in micro repair services with insurance business associates

RS-TVGeneral Manager of RS Servis, Ünal Ünaldı, said that RS Servis, which has fixed the micro repair of 250 thousand policy of Groupama Sigorta, aims to grow with the insurance companies in 2014. RS Servis, operating in auto renew sector, has made its first contract with Groupama Sigorta. Ünaldı, said that RS Servis has announced 2013 as the year of change and in that direction, the agreement that they have signed with Groupama Sigorta is a part of this change plan. Ünaldı also said, “In the target of RS Servis to serve 1 million policies, micro repair service has a great importance and RS Servis will grow with insurance companies. We, as RS Servis, will enhance our portfolio in 2014.”

2014 will be our micro repair year

Highlighting that micro repair service packages support the sales of the insurance policies and make savings to the damage services, Ünaldı, said, “We, as RS Servis, focus on micro repair services. It is very difficult to achieve a 100 percent success in micro repairs and because of that, in some cases, we plan to cooperate with the agents and encourage them in the areas of micro repair; this will help to make awareness on the subject of micro repair.”


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