16 Haziran 2024, Pazar

MetLife has released its new product “Koruyucu Meleğim”

koruyucu melegim logo

MetLife guarantees your childrens education life with its new product “Koruyucu Meleğim” personal accident insurance and offers a solution for the biggest concern of parents. The most biggest concern of parents that possibility of future uncertainty and education life of their children when an unexpected situations happen. Therefore MetLife has released its new product “Koruyucu Meleğim” personal accident insurance. With this product parents can guaranteed their children education life up to 23 in case of accidental deaths of parents. Furthermore the product has secured children not only in case of death but also permanent disability of parents as a result of an accident. The product is paying the educational expenses of children and allows them to continue to their education life without any interruption with the amount of collateral.

‘Koruyucu Meleğim’ owners subsides to sight-disabled people
MetLife puts the projects for sight-disabled students into practice with a portion of product yields. Therefore customers who purchased Koruyucu Meleğim personal accident insurance are being a part of an important social responsibility project. Within the scope of projects MetLife will put into practice that arrangement of 2 schools libraries for sight-disabled students and publishing the world classics children’s books in Braille alphabets. Following the ends of this project, another project will actualise in 2014.


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