23 Mayıs 2024, Perşembe

Kişmir: The participants of private pension must avoid sudden fund variation

cemalkimsirCEO of BNP Paribas Cardif Türkiye, Cemal Kişmir, said, “The new economic conjuncture will be open to fluctuations till the equilibrium point is found. In this period, the participants of private pension must avoid instantaneous fund variations and focus on long term investments.”

According to Kişmir, Gezi Park protests, the expectations directed to the bond buying program of FED, the probability of a military operation to Syria and the budget crisis in USA and its negative effects over the global economy are related to BES (Private Pension System).State contribution has increased the confidence to BES

As speaking to SİGORTALI, Kişmir said, “Despite all the negative indications, in Turkey, there were also positive developments in the insurance market as the state contribution of 25 percent to BES. Kişmir said that the state contribution has increased the confidence to BES. As suggesting to the investors, Kişmir highlighted that the participants need to review the remaining time for their pension period. Kişmir predicted that the declining market will occur a gain opportunity.

We have started the infrastructure for distance selling

Kişmir said, “Within the new regulation, it is possible to sell the BES products over phone. We are waiting for some legislative arrangements to use the telemarketing system. As stating that they are transferring the references that have been taken over the phones to the sales departments, Kişmir said, “We aim to transfer our products over these alternative sales channels.” SİGORTALI


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