23 Mayıs 2024, Perşembe

ING Emeklilik Running Club participated to Vodafone İstanbul Marathon

ingemeklilikING Emeklilik Running Club has participated to the 35th Vodafone İstanbul Marathon with a staff of 19 persons and 3 of them has succeeded to finish the race.

CEO of ING Emeklilik, Jetse de Vries was also one of the members of the Running Club. Three members of the ING Emeklilik Running Club, Wil Olsthoorn, Yakup Tanrıvermiş and Selma Gökdağ have finished the marathon race as well as the 15 members have completed the 15 km stage and 2 of the members have completed the 10 km stage. Congratulating all the members of the ING Emeklilik Running Club, CEO of ING Emeklilik, Jetse Frederik de Vries, invited all the employees of ING Emeklilik to join the Running Club.

ING Emeklilik Running Club, as practicing at some given days of the week, are preparing to the following races.


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