15 Temmuz 2024, Pazartesi

Hizmet Group, to be a world brand

hizmetgrupThe worst thing that can happen to our house or establishment is the extreme cases like fire or submersion. Considering these menaces, it is possible to save your possessions by damage restoration and Hizmet Group is one of the leading corporations operates in this business district aspiring maximum return with minimum cost by its professional staff. Chairwoman of Hizmet Group, Müjgan Bıçakçı, said that as Hizmet Group, they are progressing by targeting the big tasks and overcoming the huge damages and handicapped tasks bring them success. Bıçakçı told that expanding abroad is also a main goal for Hizmet Group. We did researches for over a year

Bıçakçı said that they started to work by investigating the experts. Highlighting that they didn’t hurry to succeed and did market research for about a year, Bıçakçı said, “We have searched the answers of some critical questions like ‘How can we do that? Who provides this work and how is it done? How to get an offer? Is it done by the experts or insurance? What are the technical computations?’ We also allocated much time for the market research and while we were doing such things, gotten some offers at the same time.”

Minor works are not included in our main goals

By mentioning that they have never targeted the minor works, after understanding that the sector needs a company which deals with the major works, Bıçakçı said, “We started to operate in this direction. First, we couldn’t get a come-back from the experts or the insurance companies, but later, we analyzed that the market finds the balance equilibrium point by itself. The customers called us. Thus, we could contact with the insurance companies. After some time, when it is observed that we were handling the major works by ourselves, our brand started to spread suddenly.”

We seek for an international partnership

By saying that even thay are analyzing the competitors, they, in fact competing with themselves, Bıçakçı said, “We, as Hizmet Group, are 3 friends doing various jobs for many years and we made a great progress in a very short time of 5 years. We desire to expand abroad if we can find a company aims to invest to Turkey and gain a long lasting place in the market.”


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