13 Haziran 2024, Perşembe

Garanti Emeklilik won the European Excellence Awards with Back to School: Educating, not Employing Children

garantiGaranti Emeklilik was awarded European Excellence Awards with its social responsibility project “Back to School: Educating, not Employing Children” which aims to reintegrate the working children to school since 2010.

“Back to School: Educating, not Employing Children” project that is carrying out with the cooperation of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education and Boğaziçi University have the target to reintegrate the children who are working in various jobs, especially in the streets, to the schools. The project continues in 7 districts of Istanbul. Within the project, it has been reached to 3.100 children and their parents and 305 children have completely stopped working. This year, over 1.500 communication projects have been made an application to the European Excellence Awards that is organized by “Communication Director” magazine.

General Manager of Garanti Emeklilik, Cemal Onaran, said, “The number of the children who are or have to work in various jobs away from schools is increasing in each year. The only way to keep them away from the streets is to reintegrate them to school. We are working to achieve that for 3 years through our social responsibility project of “Back to School: Educating, not Employing Children”. It is very encouraging for us to win that prestigious award among the other precious projects and we will continue to work to support our children.”

The other awards of the “Back to School: Educating, not Employing Children” project are:

1 – EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Asia) Sabre Awards 2011

2 – IPRA (International Public Relations Association) Golden World Awards 2011

3 – Global Sabre Awards 2011

4 – Hermes Creative Awards 2013

5 – 12th The Golden Compass Awards 2013

6 – European Excellence Awards 2013


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