15 Temmuz 2024, Pazartesi

Equitable price application from Generali

PetarDobricGenerali presents customisable prices to provide easy-insurance Solutions in Turkey. Therefore drivers can take their own prices up to 70 percent sales as compared its damage background and other parameters.

Compulsory motor insurance only covers third-party liability and third-party property damages. Generali with the first time in Turkey tips the scale in customer’s favor and provides them to ensure both themselves and cars. Performing an initial in the insurance industry Generali offers prices starting from 69 TL. Every customer who has Prestige Motor Insurance can enjoy 70 percent reduction.

We have created customer specific products

Strategic Planning and Business Development Vice President Petar Dobric has evaluated their product range and pricing policy. He said : “ As a result of our low auto insurance rates, we have services which make satisfy to our each customer segments. Analyzing damage histories we have created these products. Furthermore we have created customer specific products for actual needs and risks.”


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